Breastfeeding With Implants

30 marzo 2014 / / Uncategorized

With breast implant surgery being ranked as one of the top surgeries performed every year, it’s no wonder women often have a lot of questions about them. One of the most popular questions is if you can breastfeed after implant surgery. This is often a highly sensitive topic since most mothers would like to breastfeed their babies, but worry during their pregnancies that implants will prevent this.

The good news is that, yes most women do successfully breastfeed even with large implants. It also doesn’t matter whether you’ve had silicone or saline implants – both still allow for nursing your baby. However, the location of your implant does affect whether you can breastfeed or not.

In the case of wanting to breastfeed in the future, incisions performed on the nipples should be avoided. Many surgeons will make the incision in this area however, because it makes the scar less noticeable thanks to the shape and color of the areola (the darker skin around the nipple). But making the incision here, where all the important milk ducts are located, will directly affect milk production, so you are taking a risk. The nerve hat tells your brain and body to produce more milk can be severed, leading to it being inactive or slow, not producing enough milk or any at all.

So when going for an implant procedure plan is ahead. Talk to your doctor to be sure he or she understands that you plan to breastfeed in the future and would like incisions made elsewhere. Scars can heal with time, but chances are the milk ducts will not.
If however you have already had breast augmentation surgery with incisions around the areola, then speak with a nursing specialist, or your OB GYN. You may be able to still nurse your baby – the body is an amazing thing!

Breastfeeding with implants is very much possible, as long as you plan ahead and speak with your doctor. Your future little ones will thank you!


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